Commercial Locksmith

Securing your commercial property is paramount in order to keep profits high and losses low. Commercial locksmith services is what we do the best here at 245 Locksmith. Whether if you have a storefront location on a busy intersection or if you have a small service yard, let our locksmith services assist you.

We love the high-tech commercial locksmith industry.

When it comes to commercial locksmith services it is one of the things that we like to do the best. There is so much to it! From the high security systems, biometric locks, key card locks, to security audits, our locksmith business in Orange County will assist you. We enjoy installing commercial locks and systems. Give the passionate experts a call today!

Schedule an appointment right now.

Why not set up an appointment right now for us to come out to your commercial property and provide you with a written estimate. We will evaluate the property and also intend to provide you with a quote much less than the other guy. More so, our unsurpassed professionalism and end quality is what sets us a part from the “other guy”. We look forward to being apart of YOUR team.


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